Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And One more...

just for fun!

Part 4 - Easter

OK! So we'll be all caught up after this!  Thank goodness!  March means SPRING BREAK!! Woohoo!! We usually go up to my parents house for a few days, but due to a family emergency, my parents had to run to California for the week.  So, we decided to head to Utah Friday night and spend some time with my brothers and their families.  We did an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, and went out to dinner Sat. night before we had to come back home.  It was great as always to see everyone!  As we were driving down, Elise told me she was "SO excited to see Brayden!" (her cousin), and as we were driving home, she burst into tears saying she "wanted Brayden back".  So funny and sweet!  I'm grateful the kids have cousins they love and that are relatively close! PICS:

Part 3- February

Now this post is probably going to have A LOT of pictures!  It was a fantastic month!  We had James baptism and Jacob's baby blessing on the same day, which was also my dad's birthday! Then we headed out to Disneyland the next day.  Rob's parents were able to come to it all!  We were so happy they were willing to join us on this crazy trip, and the kids absolutely LOVED having both sets of Grandparents at their disposal to spoil them rotten! I'm pretty sure the Grandpa's were competing on how many bags of cotton candy they could buy! They also had several cousins there to play with.  It was pretty much the best thing ever for them! (and me, I'm not gonna lie!) PICS:

 My boys on their special day!

Disney trip Pics:
 We dominated the whole front row on T of T! Loved this ride!  James favorite was California Screamin'...which I HATED...Evie's was the Soarin' ride, and Elise's was tied between Nemo Submarine, and the Ariel ride.
 Grandpa Squire knows how much James LOVES turkey legs! He downed that whole thing by himself!  And Audra's face is priceless in this pic! Love it!!
James and Kirsten waiting for Indiana Jones 

 Some character pics

 All these cousins! So much fun!
  Grandma and Grandpa- ready for Disney!

  Grandpa with his princesses at the castle

 Grammie and Papa with the kids

 Fun at the parade

Part 2 - January

January, or as we call it around here -Jamesuary- brought a very special milestone for James!  He turned the big 8 this year!!  (I still cant believe how quickly he has grown up!)  We had talked a lot about baptism and what it all meant, and encouraged him to continue to read his scriptures and pray about the decision to be baptized.  He is such a good boy, and is always striving to do the right things.  He is growing SO fast, he will soon be taller than me, I'm sure!  For his birthday party, our theme was "Its GREAT to be 8!" and rented out our local gymnastics club.  It was such a blast!  I should have gotten more pictures, but alas...didn't remember until we were nearly done.  PICS!

Also, Evelyn had a little 'Parent Performance' in her gymnastics class.  Here's my girl!  Doing splits, vault and beam.